Gratitude is hard to do… when you are tired

Today, I was supposed to write about something that I’m grateful for. Well I thought about it all day and nothing seemed spectacular enough for me to share with the world.

Well! finally made peace with my day and realized that there was way too much going on for me to reflect on my blessings.

So here goes my short list of things that I’m grateful for:

  1. As achy as every muscle in my body was, I got up and got things done.
  2. Although not herself, my child was well enough to go to the daycare and I was able to go to work.
  3. I got closure on a case at work that got me all anxious since yesterday 
  4. As slow as the trains and the buses were today, I made it home safe at the end of the day
  5. I am not hungry, I am not cold and I’m still breathing.

And writing this was an incredibly therapeutic thing to do. It was a good day to be alive 

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