Motivation Monday: Be persistent

How many times did you find yourself giving up on something that means a lot to you?

I recently read The Compound effect by Darren Hardy and I learned how small steps add up to a great result. There are many areas that I want to improve in my life.  Lately, my health has been on my mind and I realized that I have not been persistent in improving my health. I often fire myself up to change things and after many efforts, when I do not see immediate results, I give up. I wish to change that.

This week I will keep going back to this quote by Morgan Freeman. After learning a little more about the actor, I feel that I can keep him in mind as an image of persistence. Morgan Freeman was born on June 1, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee; Morgan experience racism, poverty, etc.

” The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.” Morgan Freeman

His talent for acting was discovered quite early in his life (he was 12 years old). What I find impressive was that he did not hesitate to start over when he realized that the Air Force was not “his thing.”

Although things were not easy when he decided to go back to acting, he persisted in the pursuit of his success and became a Hollywood star in 1987 in the film Street Smart.  I think it is important that emphasize that Morgan Freeman achieved success at the sweet age of 50. Personally, I find that inspirational.

At my age, I am constantly reminded of the things that I was supposed to achieve by now and real stories like Morgan Freeman’s encourage me to focus more on the journey.

Feel free to read more about Morgan Freeman’s life here.

I hope you take a moment to remember that dream, passion or goal that keeps popping up into your mind, I hope you write it down and I hope you remind yourself that you cannot win if you never try.

have a successful week everyone!


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