Happy new year!

Welcome 2015!

2014 has been a roller coaster for me. I went through life changing events and I feel like I am stronger but also so cautious about everything I do or say.

Every end of the year, I do take time to reflect on how I spent my year, whether I improved or took a few steps back. Then I remind myself that If I failed, it is okay, it is also proof that I tried. In 2014, I was loved and cherished. Many people in my life made gestures that confirmed to me that I am a good person and I am surrounded by good people. I also welcomed a new member in my family, the love of my life and my source of joy. I also lost someone that I did not learn to love and appreciate until very recently: my uncle. I find comfort in the fact that I had the privilege to experience his genuine love. My uncle also inspired me to never settle for less than what I want regardless of the difficulties. It is selfish to wish that he was here but I know that he is resting wherever he is and effectively being the angel that he has always been.

That is the summary of my year. I found a good outline of how to make the end of the year reflections and thought I should share.

Found here
Found here

An now, I would like to wish you a very happy new year using the words of Neil Gaiman.

Found here
Found here

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  1. Happy new year dear Raya, thanks for being that very beautiful person you are. Wish you a great year, so much Blessings and kisses.

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