Dear Daughter…

African Mother by Denise Cummings
African Mother by Denise Cummings

You are not conceived yet but I already love you and I am already mothering you…

When you are my little girl,

My sweet and innocent girl, I want you to remember this

I will set the bars high, I will push you hard, But I will always be

Proud of you because you will keep your head high

you will look at yourself in the mirror and see God’s beautiful creature

you will remember that mama’s got your back

And no one can make you feel any less than my little princess

Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t be a perfect mother. I won’t always remember to tell you all this

that is why I am writing you this letter.

I know that when you are born, I will be too busy worrying about a roof over your head, a quality education for you,

a good healthcare and most importantly, enough resources available for you to be nothing and I repeat nothing but a child

And when you reach puberty, I suspect that I will argue with you

chances are we won’t see eye to eye because I am already “old school” now and it won’t get any better

But through the silence and the distance, I want you to remember

that mommy loves you and she will always be there for you

you see, you and I are together for better for worst

And so when you fall for the wrong guy, I will take you in my arms and we will eat ice cream together

We will trash talk about guys and even plan revenge schemes

When you meet that guy that makes you smile like a silly girl, the guy that will be genuine enough to make you believe everything he says, I doubt you will ask me “mommy can I sleep with him?” but if you do, I hope that I will tell  you: “Baby if it feels right, you can never go wrong  but protect yourself”

Protect yourself from diseases, better be safe than sorry

protect yourself because people will come and go in your life

And you cannot take them for granted honey, so protect yourself…

But through it all, remember this baby. Please remember this because it is very important.

People will treat you the way you let them treat you. So have standards and stick to them.

And after you’ve grown and moved on, I have no doubt that I’ll be proud of you

and you’ll be a phenomenal woman, I know you will, because I’ll raise you.

You will not repeat my mistakes because I will teach you to make the right decisions for yourself but to also live and make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Everything will not be perfect but you will manage better than I do because I will teach you to plan for gray area.

As a woman, as a beautiful woman and as my daughter, remember this…

People will watch you for every mistake you make, you will never be good enough for them,

I have a feeling that I will sound like you will never be good enough for me either, if I do, please forgive me!

Darling, put yourself first. I promise to remember to ask you in every situation whether you are happy or not…

Because, that is all that I will care about at the end of the day.

When in doubt, call on God… Repeat Psalms 23 and the serenity prayer

they will give you the warmth that I might not be able to give you

And the tenacity that no supplement can provide you

Baby, what even I cannot do, he can… So keep him close by.

Be proud! Apologize to no one for wanting to be happy and stay true to your principles.

Your health is not just physical, it is mental and spiritual

So nurture your body, your soul and your brain.

Finally, I will remind you, and I know you won’t always like it when I say it but baby remember that


From Shades of life by Thea Burger
From Shades of life by Thea Burger

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