I miss blogging

Hi everyone!

Have you been wondering where I am? or you didn’t even notice my absence? 🙂

I can’t help but feel like I have given up on all the wonderful people I have been exchanging with.  Well! I am taking 6 classes this semester and I am also graduating God willing this January BUT I am not happy so I have been looking for motivation online and as I expected, I got some and I wanted to share:

One Kara Kuther, PhD really cheered me up a little

I have been feeling pressured to be happy and excited. She said: ” Most graduates feel a little nervous and uncertain — it’s normal. Don’t make yourself feel worse wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” You’re ending one chapter of your life and beginning a new one.” but I can do this to feel better: I can recognize that endings and new beginnings are stressful for starters and I can relax and congratulate myself for my accomplishments 🙂

Guess it is time to take a deep breath and face this challenge and make new goals and look forward to accomplishing them. Have you experienced anything like this before? Were you scared to take on a new job, move to a new place or some major change in your life? How did you cope?Image

2 thoughts on “I miss blogging

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  1. Welcome back! Graduating in France then the UK. Emigrating twice… All those were really scary! I think the key is to accept that the transition phase is going to be stressful and go with it! Also, trying to find exiting opportunities in the midst of change helps

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