The Lifeline “You Matter” project

Last week I told you about the project that I am working on for my fieldwork experience. Well! I talked to my supervisor and she was fine with me sharing more about it so here it is.

As simple and clear as the current  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) website is, it can be challenging to access it because of the stigma that exists around mental health and suicide. Since the youth is more present on social networks than any other age groups and they are most likely going to express their feelings on those websites, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association is funding the Lifeline’s initiative: an online campaign called “You Matter.”

The primary population of the campaign is the youth (18-24) that struggle with emotional distress and suicide ideation. The secondary population is family, friends and loved ones of the struggling youth. Though there had to be a specific age group targeted for  administrative purposes, I hope that we will reach even younger people.The NSPL website will be redesigned and there will be a session for the youth which will incorporate the blog where all sorts of topics related to mental health will be discussed. In addition to that, there will be a You Matter Tumblr page, YouTube account and Facebook page where materials will be posted to educate young people on mental health, suicide prevention and encourage a positive and productive lifestyle. The goal of the campaign is to reach the youth and empower them to believe that they matter so they have to live, take care of their health, not just physical but mental, and they must lead positive and productive lives.

From Migrainista

We will be using social network sites because “You Matter” is an online campaign and the youth can access it through many devices. It offers that comfort zone and privacy that the NSPL website doesn’t offer. We will be blogging about various topics and issues that relate to the youth and how it can affect mental health. We want to use a positive approach and make the blog and the social network pages empowering and hopeful.

As an intern, I will write blog posts, find materials that can be posted on the social network sites. For educational purposes, I will be collecting data such as how many people liked the pages, the blog posts, how many people visited the website and any facts that relate to community health.

I hope that you will help me promote this campaign when it launched! I will keep you updated on the progress of the campaign. Cheers!

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