I think that this should be every girl’s Bible… Ok! so I have to add that I do not advise any extreme measures… Please read carefully and don’t let sadness and any horrible emotions control you… Remember, life is beautiful when you see it that way!

Say it with Naboulove...

We have had exes, men that came in our lives , incarnating our ideal at that time & who appeared to Be more a character coming from our worst nightmares for  some, others appeared to be more friends than life partners & for the majority of them, it was a pure mismatch , nothing that time or a major revolution could have improved in any ways. The so charming appeared to be so narcissistic, the open minded showed  his awfully possessive face, the party animal made it clear that he wanted to party but alone, the Perfect Bachelor had two wives & 9 kids (thanks to Ovation magazine & their coverage of society weddings), & the list goes on & on & on…I am sure you can complete with me.

Whether Ex-flirts, Ex-Boyfriends, Ex-Chaser , & even Ex-husband, let’s learn not to hate or keep grudge . No matter how…

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