That time of the month

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A few weeks ago, I reblogged from Push Dump Fat Button on how to get past the weight loss plateau right? Well I have been trying to follow the advice given that I am pressured by my personal trainer as well. So I have been eating healthier. Not every day but most of the times,  I have been counting calories and I have been trying to reduce processed food (particularly sugar, pasta, rice, etc…). However, my weight has been on this plateau for the past few months despite my “efforts” and willpower. According to my trainer and other people, I am not trying hard enough, try fighting hormones and let me know how it goes for you!

Anyway! I have this big challenge during that time of the month. I have a moment when I have nausea, I feel full and I don’t eat much ( during that time, I love how I look, I feel energized to run and do all the good stuff) then I have that time when I just eat everything that comes to mind and that I can afford (I just feel better after eating and then I feel guilty afterwards). These two phases happen before during and after my periods and I was curious to see if other people shared the same experience.

One of the reasons why I love the internet, you can suddenly not feel lonely when you google how you feel 🙂 I found that Milkunit faces the same issues I face and she was seeking help from other internet users. Snowangel 81 was nice enough to advise her to take a multivitamin for during your period and until her appetite returns to normal or try eating several very small meals so she doesn’t fill her stomach too much at once.

Those were good advices that I will consider in the future. Indeed, A women’s health Resources gives various guidelines to address PMS and menstrual pain but I was interested by the guidelines to   reduce bloating.

Also possible reason to that condition might be birth controls. There are seven common side effects to hormone-based birth control.

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Sigh! It is not easy being a woman. Seems like every solution to our problem comes with another problem and it is not easy to but the earth cannot go round without us so let’s keep our heads high up! Just needed to vent, thank you for reading 🙂

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