“There are other people to worry about, of course. I am a worrier and always have been, but maybe with a little luck they will decide that because they are valuable to me they should take better care of themselves. I can always hope.” I can’t think of a better way to express my feelings exactly, this blog is awesome!


Live fast; die young; and leave a beautiful corpse. I may not have said that before, but I’ve been living it. What a shameful thing, to destroy one’s body in pursuit of happiness. And here I was, watching the results of that same lifestyle, worrying about loved ones who have fully embraced that lifestyle and are suffering the consequences.

There’s a very real problem with this idea. I’ve seen it over and again in my family. When you live fast, you often die young, but your corpse is far from beautiful. I don’t want to share too much to preserve the privacy of my favorites and dear ones, but I’ve watched them die of and/or suffer from lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver failure, renal failure, gout, diabetes, heart diseases, and mouth cancers. It is painful to watch a loved one, someone who is vibrant and lively, strong and sure, deteriorate. The spirit…

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