Who said that opposite attract?

I face moments when bad things happen one after the other and I wonder what it is that I have done to offend the universe or God… I bought Rhonda Byrne’s book The secretin 2007, read the first few pages and forgot about the book. Until I bought the DVD in the Goodwill store for $2.99

From: The Sunny girl the brighter side of things

What an inspiration that DVD has been to me! I have had my share of bad situations but when I caught myself thinking negative, I went back to thinking positive and things got a lot easier. In “The Secret” we learned that this is based on “scientific principles” alluding to quantum physics supporting this contention: that you will attract to yourself whatever you put out. Srinivasan Pillay tries to prove this statement scientifically. He talks about the “mirror neurons.”  At first seen in monkeys, scientists eventually found a set of “mirror neurons” in humans that mirror the behavior of someone who is being observed.So our brains tend to appear to mirror the actions of another person automatically. Similarly, our actions cause similar action-representations in the brains of others.Early research using brain imaging has shown that fear activates an almond-shaped collection of nerve cells in the brain called the amygdala. When you show people fearful faces, the amygdala activates as if those people were experiencing fear themselves.Also, the power of intention is not to be ignored: ” firing up those brain regions involved in intention will start to fire up your action centers. Intention needs to be strong enough for action to occur.”

In conclusion, I agree with Srinivasan Pillay when he says that “What we think and feel affects how we will act and how others will act as well. The depth of our feelings and actions is a critical variable in “attracting” what we want to our lives. ”

So picture the future the way you want it, write down your goals, wake up with good intentions in mind, if you want to graduate and get a great job, picture it, every morning, you will be surprised how it turns out. What would you do if you knew you would never fail?

From: Des trucs pour changer de vie


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