“Its kind of a Funny story movie”

I met Ned Vizzini at Hunter College, on my Freshman convocation which I call new students convocation because that is really what it is. Funny and impressive guy who was there because he is a Hunter graduate and he came to share his experience with us. He also took the opportunity to promote his book and the movie “It’s kind of a Funny Story.” I must admit, I still haven’t read the book .

The movie is about a young high school student that thought he needed help because he was stressed out. The young boy is then admitted to the adult psychiatric floor because the youth ward was full. He spends 5 days in the facility where he met some interesting people. The rest, you are going to watch the movie to find out 🙂

The first time I watched the movie, I was just bored so I was not analyzing things and like Ann Hornaday , a critic of the movie, I thought that “there’s very little that’s even kind of funny in “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” which can’t accurately be described as a comedy but isn’t a true drama, either.”

But as I watched it a second time, I realize that it doesn’t have to be a lame movie afterall because it brings up some food for thoughts and it raises some issues related to mental health. Why was the boy admitted in the psychiatric hospital in the first place? Were his thoughts about the world, the economy, high school, girls, etc make him, as they called it, “cuckoo” enough to be admitted ?To me, this movie is the perfect example of how misunderstood depressed individuals are.

Yes! I acknowledge the fact that there are some cases of depression where drastic measures must be taken to help the person. I also acknowledge the fact that mental heath issues is not necessarily “craziness.”  The medicalization of everything alienates us in our communities and it is up to each individual to speak up when it comes to their own health. Also, believing that there is a one size fits all treatment to mental health diseases doesn’t help to address the stigma around mental health issues. In this day of age, our health professionals need to be aware of the fact that each person has a lifespan development that affects them in every situation and though there are similar cases, each patient is an individual and it takes more than standard questions to know how to help them effectively, especially in mental health. Which is why I am a strong believer in therapy.

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