Interesting how this blogger puts it, it is really a battle when dealing with your body image.

The Skinny Fat Girl

Confident people are easy to spot. They’re the ones who don’t look in every shop window glancing at their reflection. They’re the ones who don’t keep a mirror on their person at all times. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with sneaking a peek at my reflection at whatever chance I can. Although, it’s not my face I’m concerned with, everyone can deal with a bit of unsightly blusher. I look to observe my width, to see if this outfit really does make my stomach look protruding. I can gather this in all of about two seconds. And those two seconds can either reaffirm me of my ‘smallness’ or contrastingly, install depressive thoughts into my mind. Damn those shop windows.

I tried on three outfits this morning, deciphering what to wear from my ever-increasing wardrobe, but alas, I still have nothing to wear. The skirt made my hips and…

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