You have their attention, now what? wing 3: Engage

When I started my therapy sessions, I considered changing my therapist a billion times, why? because the lady would just sit and cross her arms the whole time if I don’t talk about something relevant. After a few sessions, I noticed that she become more drawn into the conversation when I go personal and I talked about what really bothered me.  This brings me to the third wing in The Dragonfly Effect: Engage

When you get attention from people and you want to tell your story, it has to mean something to them and to you in order to engage them. Just like a good salesperson can sell an item to a person who had no intention of buying it, you can engage someone into something that is dear to you by following the TEAM steps mentioned in the book: Tell a story, Empathize, Be authentic, Match the media.

  • Tell a story by finding compelling facts to convey a critical information. Like the authors emphasised it: “less is more.” Also make sure that the story is real and from deep within.
  • Empathize: Don’t just engage people, let your audience engage you as well. Find a link between them and the story that you are telling.
  • Be authentic: I couldn’t agree more with the authors,”true passion” is the ingredient. “Emphasize your shared values and beliefs.”
  • Match the media: the appearance does matter people. ‘how and where we say something can be as important as what we say.”

In conclusion, make sense when you speak, be sure of yourself and don’t hold back. You will be surprised how convincing you can be!

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