KONY 2012: an old story turned into a new one thanks to social media

I subscribed to Invisible Children three years ago and I have been receiving newsletters from them since, I have signed their petitions and I have been keeping up with their work. I knew they were working hard to stop the LRA, War criminals in particular and I figured, if I know about it then most people in America know about it. Obviously, I was wrong. I must say that my heart is all swelled up and I am full of excitement for this movement because there is no way, we can fail will so many people behind us. However, since this topic relates to what I have been blogging about lately, I feel the need to point out some interesting facts about this year’s campaign.

After 9 years, one video on youtube, then on Facebook and other social networks create a huge movement. How is it that the Invisible Children has been around for years. Books have been written, movies have been made, campaigns have been created but celebrities and policy makers are only joining the movement now? Invisible Children have been selling bracelets and videos for years, why is it that they are sold out today when I tried to buy the Kony 2012 action kit?

I can’t help but argue that they have the four wings in The Dragonfly Effect.

Watch the video, reflect on it and tell me how they exhibit the four wings: Focus, Grab attention, Engage and Take action.

2 thoughts on “KONY 2012: an old story turned into a new one thanks to social media

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  1. @ Raya..you sure have it right..their success is attributed to the fact that they have indeed the four wings described in the Dragonfly Effect. However, I am surprised that you haven’t mentioned the controversies surrounding Kony campaign. How some information were misleading and how this campaign is becoming more day by day about liking, sharing, tweeting and “facebooking”,popularity rather than really focusing on Uganda’s problems….

    1. I agree with you Jennifer. The message did lose its credibility with all the buzz around it. I read an artitcle yesterday and the author had no idea who was behind the whole thing. But I think that it is all about research and people should go beyond Facebook posts, etc

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