Wing 1: Focus

As I promised, I am going to give my interpretation of what the first wing in the book The Dragonfly Effect means to me and how I think  it can help a person dealing with depression.

Sameer and Vinay were sick of cancer the blood and their chances of getting a bone marrow were very small because they were from south Asia and very few south Asians were registered donors. Their friends joined their forces together and succeeded in getting more south Asians to register for bone marrow donations. even though Sameer and Vinay lost their battles against cancer, the movement that they have started has taught us a lot. One aspect in their campaign that made it successful is that they were focused and it reflected in everything they did. Aaker and Smith discuss this aspect in the first wing of their book The Dragonfly Effect. Obviously, the guidelines are appropriate for those who want to change something in their community but I think that we can follow those guidelines in our personal lives.

Wing 1: Focus

We often tackle too much in our lives and we can’t see what’s important and what defines us. So take a minute and try to envision yourself, what do you see? what is that one word, feeling or characteristic that defines you? HATCH (Humanistic, Actionable, Testable, Clarity and Happiness) is five steps to follow in order to stay focused:

  •  focus on understanding yourself rather than making asumptions
  •  break down your ultimate goal into small steps that will lead you to your macro goal.
  •  Evaluate your progress and celebrate small wins and accomplishments, no matter how small.
  • Keep your goal clear
  • finally, ensure that your goal is meaningful to you in order to have happiness.

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