finding happiness with nothing!

“the happiest people are those who have stopped chasing happiness and instead search for the meaningfulness, a change in direction that leads to more sustainable happiness.”  Aaker and Smith.

Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith are the authors of  The Dragonfly Effect. The Dragonfly Effect is an excellent motivator to those who stress all the time because we are missing what we imagine happiness is. The Dragonfly is a tiny insect, but it can travel fast and go in every direction just by using its four wings.  Imagine that you have four wings like the Dragonfly and you can go all the distances and do anything your heart desires. What would be your limits?

We often feel depressed because we feel alone, like we have no purpose in life and no one can understand us. According to Aaker and Smith: “The Dragonfly effect binds us to others , to larger communities and social causes.”  Though the aim of the book is to teach people “quick, effective, and powerful  ways to use social media to drive social change,” I believe that anyone can use the advice in this book and work towards achieving true happiness in life.

Four wings of the Dragonfly lead it to its destination. In the Dragonfly effect, we are given four wings that we can use as well to achieve our goals. In the near future, I will post my interpretation of the four wings that the authors give us: Focus, Grab attention, Engage and Take action. So stay put!

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