Feeling lonely? get the second wing, grab attention

Continuing to explore The Dragonfly Effect, I am going to share with you how I think the wing 2 of The Dragonfly effect can help one come out of depression.

Opening up and talking about one’s feelings is not easy. Growing up, many people thought that I was shy but in fact, I wasn’t. I would rather stay quiet than open up,often because I did not get the response that I wanted. I was so worried about what people are going to think that unless I had a manual, I don’t try anything and I let it eat me up.

If you felt like that at some point, depressed or not, I think that the wing 2 gives us guidelines that will help us put our feelings and goals out there. The outcome is not guaranteed but at least we did our best to express ourselves.

The four steps are called PUVV

Personal: let your message be personal, do not sugar coat anything.

Unexpected: to grab attention and have people listen to you, do not serve them what they already know. I think that in the case of depression, just being yourself and let your true feelings come out.

Visual: like the authors put it, “show, don’t tell.” In the book, they suggest that you use videos and photos. If you don’t have such things, just let your body show how you feel, there is no better proof than our body.

Visceral: trigger all the senses if you can (sight, sound, hearing, touch and taste). the authors suggest that you use music to tap into deep, underlying emotions.

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