Where is American sweetheart?

The Center for Health Media Policy recently hosted a free screening of the film “The Line.” The filmmaker  Nancy Schwartzman shared her experience with sexual violence in the film and through her presence at the screening. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it but I have been reading the blogs on the where is your line? website. I just read a blog posted by Carmen and it really made me curious about  the “birthday cake” song . Honestly, I think that the song is garbage and this is one of the reasons why the concept of “freedom of expression” irks me sometimes. This song is available on YouTube for everyone to see. It is not okay that our celebrities get the free license to promote the sexual violence that our society seems to ignore. Chris Brown was forgiven after at the BET musical awards in 2010, his career picked up and he receives a Grammy two years later.  What is all this telling all the young men out there? Does this mean that men can get away with anything?

Nancy Schwartzman along with her team are doing a great job creating an app called the circle of 6: with two clicks of an icon, users can secretly ask trusted friends — meaning their circle of six — to give them a ride home or interrupt them with a phone call.” reports DailyNews I believe that this app will be helpful to many girls that are vulnerable to sexual violence. Also we should encourage initiatives such as A call to men which educated men on how to behave and treat women. This disgraceful and degrading pop culture has to be stopped and our youth have to learn the tru values of men and women in our societies.

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  1. I was appalled when I first heard Rihanna & Chris Brown were collaborating. Both of these celebrities are glamorized by the media. As a result, many adolescents idolize them. Given their traumatic history, their collaboration It sends the wrong message to impressionable youth.

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