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My name is Raya Bayor. I was born and raised in Lome- Togo. I immigrated in New York in 2006 mainly to study. I went to Bronx Community College from 2007-2010 and I got my Associate degree in Biology there. I joined the Community Health Education program at Hunter College because it is a fun way to explore health and think about many ways to change the world. I believe in a better and fair world for the future generations.

With Public health movements expanding and drawing so much attention worldwide, I am kind of nervous but mostly excited. Nervous because everyone will have a basic idea of what public health is and they might not need me. People will be able to identify what is ok in the world because we cannot do anything about it and what is not okay and something has to be done to stop it. 

I am mostly excited because it will make the poor stand up for himself like the Occupy wall street movement .

I am mainly interested in Depression among the youth. I am very passionate and sometimes biased on this subject because I went through depression a big chunk of my life but I was diagnosed of mild depression in 2009 when I went to Morris Height health center for a physical that I needed for my African Dance class at Bronx Community College. I remember being shocked when the doctor told me that I was depressed based on the depression test that I took (without realizing) and based on how I described my life to her. I was 21 years old and I could not believe that I, as educated and literate as I was, had no idea that depression is not craziness. I have grown since and my hope is to be able to make children, adolescents and young adults feel like they can rely on someone when they feel depressed. I also hope that parents will be able to identify signs of depression and seek help if need so that the irreversible outcome of depression doesn’t occur.

To sum up, Rayasgrowinghappy is all about love and support for our children, adolescents and young adults so that we can build a better and stronger future community. 

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  1. I commend you for bringing attention to an issue that affects a great percentage of the American population. Why? Because this is a health issue that is too often misunderstood. This is especially detrimental as it can lead to a delayed (or no) treatment.

  2. Hey Raya, Thanks for the book suggestion. I look forward to checking it out.

    I’m also really interested to see how your blog develops, depression is a very important issue to address and I too commend you for you courage to try and overcome it. Everyone needs an outlet and it is good to encourage they use one.

  3. Hey Raya,your blog really inspired me.Depression is indeed a big issue. After reading your blog I decided to inquire more about it and found out that depression might be linked to certain foods that we eat.Thus,I decided to blog about it, but the inspiration came from you and i really hope that reading my post about food and depression might help. 😉

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